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Kmist combines proprietary Data, advanced Data Science capabilities and in-depth industry expertise to deliver superior insights and solutions to support Commercial Knowledge, Decision and Execution

Kmist Basics

New to Data Science?

Let our experts help you get the basics right to enter the world of Data Science: prevent the waste of information, structure data properly, secure data integrity, automate integration of multiple data sources…

KMist Packages

KMist provides structured Data Science packages on some of the most frequent commercial topics Pharma industry is facing:

KMist Segmentation
Enrich your segmentation based on sales, potential and behaviors to reflect the complexity of your customers
KMist Discount
Measure and optimize the impact of your discount policy
KMist Promo
Build a distinctive Promotion, from the generation of unique insights to the implementation of new-generation Promotion Planning tools
All your data and insights on maps, with impressive advanced features


Ad-hoc KMist

You need more from us?

Let’s explore your business objectives and your data. We will set up an ad-hoc Data Science solution.

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You don’t know what you are looking for, but your data might be a golden mine?

Let us crunch it for you and find out opportunities…