Market Research

Sanisphere helps you shape an efficient & effective retail and brand strategy in line with field realities and guides you in finding the right route to market in a fast-changing environment

Sanisphere offers a wide range of ad-hoc, syndicated and off-the-shelf healthcare and pharmaceutical market research solutions targeting doctors, patients, pharmacists, wholesalers and distributors

We are EXPERTS in Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Research

Sanisphere’s powerful team composition of pharmacists, doctors, consultants & market researchers means that we have an in-depth understanding of your market and ensures that we deliver high quality & reliable results

We are at the Moment of Truth ensuring that our research reflects market REALITY

In combination with data from our mature and established Pharmacist Observation Post service (POP) we are in the unique position to offer various powerful market research solutions that will be hard to find elsewhere

Our Areas of expertise


All our Qualitative Research includes Sanisphere’s doctors or pharmacists as required by the complexity of the discussion. All our Quantitative Research is conducted using Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) on tablets or Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing (CAWI) techniques ensuring fast and high-quality results

AV3P Retail Audit

Track Availability, Brand Visibility, Sell-In Price, Sell-Out Price and Promotion in retail pharmacies

Brand Attractiveness

One of the key challenge of brand health & loyalty studies is that they rely on respondent claims and not actual behaviours; which can differ considerably. With our Brand Attractiveness Solution we measure your brand’s Attractiveness Share using observational data of actual recommendations by pharmacists and we identify the reasons that drive recommendations such as brand perception and market factors


Upgrade your customer engagement by benchmarking your promotional activities and adapting to your customers’ needs and expectations

Merchandising Execution

Monitor your merchandising execution and ensure that mistakes or oversights are corrected in a timely manner

Customer Experience

Track Patients’ or Pharmacists’ Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) on various attributes and the Net Promoter Score (NPS) over time. Pharmacist CSAT includes sales rep performance KPIs

Doctor Panel

Pre-recruited doctors by various specialities are ready to be interviewed; increasing the speed of studies involving doctors significantly


Intercept targeted patient profiles at point of sale in pharmacies for on-the-spot, in-store interviews

POP Symptoms

Understand market dynamics in terms of symptoms. Identify your true target market and all the symptoms that your brand is recommended for. Know your true competitive set and verify if pharmacists’ recommendations are in line or deviate from your Brand’s Positioning and Core Message in terms of therapeutic areas.